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Saturday, August 06, 2011

National treasure, Rick Santelli tells it like it is....

From a recent post that I read.....
Want to see a microcosm of everything that’s been wrong with American economic policy over the last couple of years? Watch this exchange between Ezra Klein and Rick Santelli from earlier today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Santelli, whose February 2009 on-air rant over fiscal and economic mismanagement inspired the start of the Tea Party, gets exasperated with Klein after the Washington Post columnist talks about money moving around “unfairly”:

From here. Yes, Ezra Klein is a Democrat. But it is truely amazing that these clowns are yapping that a solution to the debt problem is inflation. That is a huge tax on the poor but more importantly provides cover to these very same socialists for their sins of stupidity. Furthermore, an inflationary monetary policy will only hasten the decline and collapse of the American govrnment since the nation will no longer to be able to pay the interst in the debt in an inflationary environment.

As the leftist socialist engineers in there ivory towers think about their next debilitating steps and dig the nation into an even bigger hole than it is in now, some people already know that it will not end well.

Rick has been warning of us since the early days of the socialist Obamessiah administration and again tells the feckless talking heads the cold hard truth.

Government through this concept of 'unfairness', has intervened in markets and have made markets less efficient, more costly and therefore changed incentives and the behavior of market participants. Eventually, these markets fail and most of the time in cataclysmic fashion as the US housing market did in the past few years.


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