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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The dishonest and distorted concept of government creating jobs in America....

The absolute silliness of the Obamessiah and his textbook Marxist economic policy is evident in the current jobs proposal that will do absolutely nothing for the jobs situation in the nation. Basically, it was a speech full of hotair that had no substance and when we get the actual details it is no surprise that all this program does is to tax the more successful people that will spend and invest less and deliver this cash to the friends of Democrats and other wasteful government programs. So what happened to the government's $900 billion spendfest passed in 2009 that was supposed to assist the economy back onto it's feet? All it did was shift money from people that save and investment through borrowing to those that spend and waste, the government. This boondoggle just did not work.

So how is this new 'jobs' boondoggle going to work? It won't work and it is not designed to work. What the Obamessiah wants to do is his singular focus on raising taxes. This for him is the success. As Robert Reich, Bill Clinton's Labor Secretary, and one that is in love with higher taxes on higher income taxpayers, writes.....
So if the president was never really serious about getting Republican votes in the first place -- if his jobs bill and the tax increase on the wealthy were always going to be part of his 2012 election year pitch -- why didn't he make his jobs bill big enough to do the job?

Here's another odd thing.

The deficit-reduction plan the president will present Monday to Congress's special Super Committee on the debt (now struggling to come up with $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction) will also propose some $2 to $3 trillion in additional deficit reduction over the next ten years -- including changes in Medicare.
From here. Marxist Democrats are going to start feeding on each other as big government solutions fail miserably and destroy the legacy of FDR and the New Deal. Additionally, it is important to contemplate that economies tend to right themselves on their own. By getting some kind of 'jobs' bill even if it does nothing to actually create jobs, government will be able to claim credit when the economy eventually turns around.

The largest drag on the economy and jobs is the government itself that dump useless regulations on business that cost them money and that promise to achieve very little. One place that we can start is to get bad government off of the backs of people that work and save.


At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Amateur Bean Counter said...

It gets worse. Look at the "offsets" title of the bill (where they specify what tax hikes they're going to impose to pay for the rest of the junk). There's a section "28 percent limitation on certain deductions and exclusions". It proposes to limit the sum total of all exclusions and deductions to 28% (of AGI?) for married filing jointly taxpayers with AGI over $250k. As far as I can make out the gobbledygook there, that would mean if you had no other deductions whatsoever, you could still only take a $70k foreign earned income exclusion instead of the usual $91.4k.


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