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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hope and change?

How about hope and change leading to time in jail?
Hope and Jail
"The creator of the Barack Obama 'HOPE' poster pleaded guilty Friday to criminal contempt, saying he made a 'terrible decision' in 2009 to destroy some documents and fabricate others in a civil lawsuit pertaining to The Associated Press photograph he relied upon to make the poster," the AP reports.

What's hilarious about this is that the poster-maker, Shepard Fairey, was the one who brought the suit, after the AP accused him, accurately as it turns out, of misappropriating its intellectual property. (The AP then countersued.) WSJ.com reports that "prosecutors are likely to seek some term of imprisonment in the case."

Fairey has got to be hoping Obama loses his re-election bid, so he can get a pardon in 2013 instead of 2017.
Major league FAIL!

What's the Matter With 'Nebraska'? - WSJ.com


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