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Friday, April 13, 2012

Color of Change’s ALEC Attack: Burning Black America in Order to Save It - Amy Ridenour's National Center Blog - A Conservative Blog

Fascists in the Democratic party are threatening companies that give to certain groups by threatening boycotts. In this case, the former 'green jobs' czar of the current administration, Van Jones, that got hounded out of the job due to his extreme Marxist and racist positions is now going after companies that give to American Legislative Exchange Council(ALEC). All of this silliness is wrapped in racial language where these groups are being attacked since they are viewed as NOT operating in the "best interest of black America." But its not clear that fascist attacks against these groups is truly in the best interests of "black America"........
But is punishing ALEC really in the best interests of black America, or is Color of Change scaring big business just to punish a political opponent and using the black community as a prop? Signs point to the latter.

The interesting thing about the Gates Foundation grant money in particular is that it reportedly had nothing to do with the legislation that drew Color of Change’s ire. Instead, Gates Foundation money was said to be used to promote ways of helping teachers and schools be more efficient. So, in the name of black Americans, Color of Change helped drain funding from a program that might have helped black students and the teachers and administrators catering to them.
Besides being stupid, its no shock to me at all, that in the days when the nation elected a person described as a "black American" as the President, that these crazies such as Van Jones and his kind are allowed to operate in this manner. Race relations seemingly have deteriorated and this appears to be be due to "black Americans" like Van Jones agitating for these conflicts.

But the bottom line, is that it is the Democrats that need this kind of nonsense as it embraced the idiotic 'occupy Wall Street' too as it base in order to elect their candidates. It just seems to me that is a very narrow 'base' to operate from and one that many people will not find even remotely attractive.

Color of Change’s ALEC Attack: Burning Black America in Order to Save It - Amy Ridenour's National Center Blog - A Conservative Blog


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