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Sunday, December 16, 2012

PJ Media » The Coming Regulatory Black Hole

The paper pushers are at it agin. Regulations that do nothing but create burdens for businesses that for all practicle purposes do nothing at all...
But there is another looming crisis for the taxpayer and businesses large and small. It is the flood of new regulations that will be issued in the coming months. Delayed by the White House before the election because their implementation would have adversely affected business and cost jobs, thousands of new rules will be issued that will cost American business an estimated $100 billion. This is on top of the already gargantuan regulatory burden that the Competitive Enterprise Institute estimates at $1.8 trillion — $215 billion this year alone.
Good luck. te nation will be buried in a blizzard of useless paperwork. Its like the communist state.

PJ Media » The Coming Regulatory Black Hole


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