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Milton J. Madison - An American Refugee Now Living in China, Where Liberty is Ascending

Federalism, Free Markets and the Liberty To Let One's Mind Wander. I Am Very Worried About the Fate of Liberty in the USA, Where Government is Taking people's Lives ____________________________________________________________________________________________ "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Tolerance in the face of tyranny is no virtue." -Barry Goldwater-

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Huge protsts in Hong kong today....

Hundreds of thousands march. If you read that it is only thousands, then they are lying. Probably three hundred thousand or so. there was a gigantic contingent from the Falun Gong and they even had a marching brass band. Protests in Hong Kong typically are extraordinarily peaceful but recent ones feel a little edgier. The people here are sick and tired of the heavy handed intervention by Beijing. They will not tolerate the nonsense that goes on here any longer.


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