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Friday, February 01, 2013

Santelli To Forecasting 'Fail' Fed: "Let Market Forces Reign" | Zero Hedge

Simple words of wisdom....
I think that what the Fed is trying to do is impossible....... They should get off crisis mode for the first issue......"maybe [the Fed] should look at what has worked in the past; that is market forces."
Wow, market forces?  The market forced the world to deal with over leveraging in 2007-08.  The government is trying is suspend market forces now by forcing the market to do what it normally would not do and that it is to misallocate resources.  Just a reminder, central planning doesn't work whether it is done at the national level by the government or at the monetary level by the US Federal Reserve.

Santelli To Forecasting 'Fail' Fed: "Let Market Forces Reign" | Zero Hedge


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