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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Howard Dean: ‘Benghazi is a Laughable Joke’ | National Review Online

Benghazi, where Americans were attacked by terrorists on September 11th last year, apparently is not important....
Former Democratic National committee chairman Howard Dean considers the controversy over Benghazi a “joke” and “silly.”

“Benghazi is a laughable joke,” Dean proclaimed twice last week in a discussion with Republican National Committee communications chairman Sean Spicer.

“With all due respect, governor, when four Americans die serving this country, that’s not a joke, sir,” Spicer responded.

“Oh, stop it,” Dean said.
Well, if its not that important, then why has the government stonewalled investogators, made up stupid stories about what happened? And why do Democrats say that these deaths and lapses in security and lapses in sending in folks to save our people happen?

I think that in addition to the government being asleep at the switch, somehow, folks think that they have to compromise American security and values to protect the almighty Obamessiah.

Howard Dean: ‘Benghazi is a Laughable Joke’ | National Review Online


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