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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Obama's Legacy? Scandal - Brent Bozell - Page 1

Thought of the day....
If the media had acted like professionals in 2012, more of this new information would be old news by now. Voters could have made a decision between Obama and Romney with a fuller picture of how corrupt this administration truly is. By refusing to reveal that corruption, they brought that stain of corruption on themselves.
Legacy? What kind of legacy does am untalented self-obsessed buffoon leave? Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Benghazi, IRS targeting of citizens based on their political leanings, wire-tapping the press, voter fraud and intimidation intervention from the politicized Justice Department; the corruption is unbelievable. And how about the train wreck that Obamacare is becoming. An over-reach of government rights and abilities that hopefully will finally prove how incompetent government is on delivering economic services to the people. But like Benghazi, people will die due to this corrupt incompetence. But it won't be just 4 it will be thousands and thousands.

But the other crime is how compliant the media has been in supporting this idiot. The corrupt can be applied to their behavior over the pat several years. I believe that these people suspended ethics purely due to his skin color as no-one in the media with half-a-brain would ever have given this guy such a pass if he was white. Trust in the media is deservedly bad and trust in government is deservedly falling. I hope that the sheeple in the United States finally wake up to the disaster that they have allowed to happen. Honestly, these troubles could not hit a more deserving fellow!

Obama's Legacy? Scandal - Brent Bozell - Page 1


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