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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Fighting education fanatics: Column

Its not just anti-gun fanatics....
What's up with this? It's not based on any concern with safety. Lego guns, cap guns, bubble guns, nibbled Pop Tarts, and fingers are no threat to safety. And the wild overreaction in these cases says there's more going on here than simple school discipline. As I said, who treats a 5-year-old this way? It smacks of fanaticism.

In fact, it seems like a kind of quasi-religious fanaticism. I think it's about the administrative class -- which runs the schools with as little input from parents as possible -- doing its best to exterminate the very idea of guns. It's some sort of wacky moral-purity crusade. If a few toddlers have to suffer along the way, that's tough. You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.
Its indoctrination into the hard left socialist progressive lifestyle. Educators are hardened Democrats. So, I think that it will be more than just this. Worship the government. Its your God. It will care for you. It will make you comfortable. It will feed you. All you have to do is worship it. Don't you believe it or trust people that tell you this.

Fighting education fanatics: Column


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