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Monday, July 29, 2013

What scandals? The media ignores or covers up bad news about Obama - NYPOST.com

This is why I think that the United States is beyond hope. Some in the national news media are completely complicit in promoting and protecting a big central government with unlimited power and are ignoring the abuses and problems that it has created. The national new media has abrogated its responsibility to American public by not questioning the motives and methods of national leaders in fair and balanced manner and instead are running protection for those that promote larger government intervention, socialism or other hard-left ideals.

This has become all too apparent in the media's love of the current president and the inability of them to do what they are supposed to do and that is to be a watchdog for the people....
Now, several months after a brief flurry of scandal coverage in the national media, journalists have gone numb enough that President Obama is shamelessly campaigning around the country attacking the Republicans for dwelling on “phony scandals.
How one could call the September 11th terrorist attack on American interests overseas that was met with complete clownishness a phony scandal should be beyond anyone with an IQ above 40 comprehension. How about the phony scandal where the IRS targeted conservatives and Christian groups and these mechanisms of big government were used to stop their capacity to operate? Fast and Furioous where the government sold weapons to drug lords in Mexico in one of the most bizarre and stupid programs designed to track guns probably as a precursor to try to implement gun control in the United States. How about the spying on journalists doing their jobs by the Justice Department? Shouldn't journalists be concerned about that? How about the spying on individuals telephone calls and emails that were lied about by government officials under oath in front of Congress?

The reality of today's America is that the nation is no longer a meritocracy where hard work is rewarded. Its now a game, like the communist nations of old where one pulls together the levers of power and one of these is sycophantic media. What I do not understand about this is why they are behaving like this. Is it that the media always behaved like this and it is just that they are being exposed as to what they really are or have they completely forgotten what they are supposed to do and therefore will eventually be relegated to the dustbins of history and replaced by those that will actually take the role seriously and do the work for the people?

But my theory on the over-the-top protection for the Obamessiah is that it is probably due to him being considered a ethnic Negro despite him being a mixed race person. But the "historic" qualities of the 'first black president' (or maybe the first not completely white president) being tossed aside, the reality is that white folks are not allowed to question blacks on their motives and not allowed to disagree with them on intellectual matters. As if they somehow hold a 'no arguing with me card' that they can whip out at any time and end the argument with a win. This does no one any good and it is a infantile and juvenile approach to governing a nation and one that may be the indicator that the great experiment in the liberty of the individual has ended.

What scandals? The media ignores or covers up bad news about Obama - NYPOST.com


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