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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Is This Obamacare’s Biggest Challenge Yet?

Government rarely can create value but routinely destroys it. Furthermore, the most that government can do, that incidentally was not the intended role of government in the United States, is to redistribute earnings or wealth. This redistribution usually comes at a very high price that will eventually paid by someone, while those with greater government influence and access extract more than they put in.

When it comes to nationalized medicine in the United States, called the Affordable Care Act or more routinely Obamacare, government is utilizing its coercive powers to redistribute wealth. In this case, the financial fundamentals of Obamacare rest upon the ability to overcharge those that healthy, such as the young, and undercharge those that are sicker, such as the elderly and those with pre-exisiting conditions.

But it is truely sad that government and some of the faithful, those that belive in the powers of government, actually believe that this is a laudable program. In reality, it is a coercive tax on the young that can be roughly outlined as such:
Here is his list of ways Obamacare “sticks it” to young adults:
1. Raises insurance costs for adults under 40 (on purpose)
2. Reduces access to workplace health insurance
3. Shrinks workplace health benefits
4. Reduces work-hours
5. Kills jobs
6. Increases debt
7. Raises taxes
8. Is unfair
9. Is unnecessary
10.Is insulting
I think that it is poetic justice, though, that the same dopes that voted for the Obamessiah are the ones that will inevitably suffer the most for this government run calamity. Young generations tend to be as a group relatively stupid. However, they will eventually figure it out as high unemployment, low opportunity and coercive central government intervention reduce their living standards.

Is This Obamacare’s Biggest Challenge Yet? | Wall St. Cheat Sheet - Part 2


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