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Monday, October 07, 2013

Five myths about House Republicans - The Washington Post

The American press thinks that they are doing the world a favor. Why is this myths about Republicans? Of course one of the myths is that Republicans WANT a default or to shutdown the government. But how about the myths about the Democrats, the ones that the press is supporting? Are there any? There are plenty like the only reason that the Democrats are NOT negotiating is that Republicans want to strip healthcare from Americans. But healthcare is being stripped from Americans precisely due to Obamacare.

Press bias is a national shame. But the government is a national shame too. The only thing that these clowns can do to prove their usefulness is to physically put up barricades around national monuments and other completely unnecessary actions. We have an embarrassing government and this is what should be blasted across the front page of newspapers and on the nightly news. Embarrassing that we have a petulant government that spends money on nothing. When it shuts down, they have to make sure that people know it by taking extraordinary actions to prove it.

I have zero respect for our national government. It does not serve the people, has gotten so big that it does not know what to do with itself and is probably making lives worse not better.

Time for a revolution. Lets take to the streets and show them that we do not appreciate them.

Five myths about House Republicans - The Washington Post


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