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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Government Bureaucrat Logic...

As of mid-January, Covered California was about halfway toward meeting its initial goal of signing up 1.3 million people for individual policies by the March 31 enrollment deadline. Lee said about three-quarters of consumers who had selected a plan have paid their first month's premium.
He said the exchange had been slammed with people wanting to enroll.
"The volume surprised all of us," he said.
Okay.  Volume has surprised them.   However, after nearly 4 months with about a two months to go, they are only at half their goal.  To me this implies that not as many as expected have signed up so, how could the volume therefore have surprised them?

I suspect that they have been experieincing data problems and customers are being forced to call in to try to what they cannot effectively do online.  So, in reality, the volume of PROBLEMS is what has surprised them.

This intrusion into people's lives and personal health will lead to worse outcomes, less people having health insurance, poorer access to real healthcare and will end up being much more expensive.  This is the kind of stuff that we get from an incompetent government.


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