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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Eat Me...

This is wildly strange. A man in Germany was convicted of the murder of a man that wanted to be eaten...
He previously has testified that Brandes [the victim] answered his Internet ad seeking someone for "slaughter and consumption" and told him that he wanted to "be eaten alive."
So the murdered fellow wanted to be eaten--alive!....hhmmmmm. And that is not all, Brandes [the victim] actually ate some of himself before being murdered and more fully consumed.
Before Brandes was killed, the two attempted to eat parts of the man's body together. Meiwes, according to previous testimony, ate more after the killing.

Asked Tuesday why he left some portions of his victim uneaten, Meiwes said some parts did not appeal to him and that he also feared disease.
Seems like two crazy guys found each other. I could think of better ways to spend the day.


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