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Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Solution For Iran...

A nuclear armed Iran?
Its theocracy poses a danger to civilization even greater than a nuclear North Korea for a variety of peculiar circumstances. Iran is free of a patron like China that might in theory exert moderate influence or even insist on occasional restraint. North Korea, for an increasingly wealthy and capitalist China, is as much a headache and an economic liability as a socialist comrade.
And one that has already threatened neighbors and is indicating through actions that it intends on gaining nuclear capabilities...
When a supposedly unhinged Mr. Ahmadinejad threatens the destruction of Israel and then summarily proceeds to violate international protocols aimed at monitoring Iran's nuclear industry, we all take note. Any country that burns off some of its natural gas at the wellhead while claiming that it needs nuclear power for domestic energy is simply lying. Terrorism, vast petroleum reserves, nuclear weapons, and boasts of wiping neighboring nations off the map are a bad combination.
Its all right here. Maybe the US just should turn the suspected nuclear sites into radioactive sheets of glass by striking with our own nuclear arsenal first. Kablooie.... they wouldn't even know what had hit them. And in the process, also killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and destroying a country. People getting voporized in a nano-second and other puking their intestines out after getting radiation poisoning from the fallout. Of course, it better that they get vaporized then us and of course the peace-nik liberal skinny armed Lamma island types would get to be all indignant and give them lots of material to write about for around a biblical 40 days. Europe will get all huffy and claim that they were confident of a breakthrough and other useless claims. And they could get back to business at hand of protecting their farmers from competition from those pesky starving third world types. And with GWB at the helm instead of some whining Democrat eurocentric buffoon that would probably want to have a conference on world peace for 3 years before giving a speech on the Iranian problem, we could loyally all rally around the leftist liberals and say that what GWB did was wrong... yadda, yadda, yadda.... and the world be better off and we could all go home, some continuing to hate GWB for doing what we all expect him do but refuse to acknowledge it the responsibility of what his job involves, have a couple of big protest marches and go back to having our weekend barbecues without worry of Iranian threat all the while his actions will have make us all much better off and so much safer for it.

And then after the threat is completely destroyed, we could say "whoopsie daisy" after some of the leftist clowns argue that Iran was not a WMD producer and some New York Times report reveals classified materials debunking the Iranian nuclear threat and concluding that the whole process was designed to gain control of Iran's oil so that we can drive our incredibly wasteful SUV's. Haliburton. Lots of gnashing of teeth is due from these skinny armed liberal types. I look forward to it.

GWB would hopefully and gleefully just respond in a Kafkaesque "oops, golly gee I did what I thought was right" meme and retire to his ranch in Texas to repair his barbed wire fences.

I look forward to it.


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