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Friday, February 03, 2006

Muslims Don't Understand The Meaning Of God And Humanity...

I ate some Danish butter cookies today. You know the ones that come in the blue tin. They are very popular during Chinese New Year here in Hong Kong.

This quote from an AFP article speaks volumes to me how juvenile Muslims are...
In Jerusalem thousands of angry worshippers demonstrated in the Al-Aqsa mosque compound, shouting: "Condemnations are not enough, you have to reply with fire."
The words that struck me were "angry worshippers." Of course, the worshippers in Jerusalem were probably Palestinians who have proven to be amongst the most hateful and destructive peoples on the planet.

But one question I have is how can one pray and worship God while angry? Maybe the Koran has the answer here:
Surah 13:14...
For the prayer of those
Without faith is nothing
But (futile) wandering (in the mind)
How can one pray when angry? Does God really want death and destruction? My God doesn't but apparently the God that many Muslims believe in does.

I think that Islam's worst enemy on the planet today are the Muslims themselves. People that have not learned to be human and do not understand the concept of God. These people speak of peace but have no desire to live in it.

And so what are these clown angry about today, enough so to make fools of themselves infront of the world and threaten to kill KILL KILL people as a result?

One of the offending cartoons...

The rest here.

Of course, some people think that these doodlings are a grave injustice. But it is not injustice...maybe stupid but not an injustice. The mockery in the cartoons and the questioning of a religion's place in society is humanity's prerogative to challenge. This is something that all religions have had to tolerate. But religions have the duty to answer to people and adapt and to fit in, not to explode everytime there is adversity. The cartoons may be in bad taste, and if they are then moderate voices can work out the issues and thereby strengthening the ties between societies and increase cross-cultural understanding. But it seems as if Islam just cannot cope with others or even itself these days. It is just such a brittle and tightly wound bunch of people that one just doesn't know what will set off these wild eyed fanatics next. Besides, is the religion so weak that it cannot tolerate something so mundane as a dozen silly cartoons?

Today, Muslim fanatics attacked the Danish Embassy in Jakarta in protest...
Hardline Indonesian Muslims have stormed into an office block housing the Danish embassy, protesting cartoons portraying the Prophet Mohammad published in Denmark, as others demanded death for the cartoonist.
Of course, their answer to any situation is to kill KILL KILL "the offenders."

But, one didn't hear much from these same Muslims or people that were so upset that they are throwing rocks in the street when, in the name of God, frothing at the mouth Muslim fanatics behead little teenage Christian school girls in Indonesia a short while back [Found through Flagrant Harbor]...

I didn't hear anyone apologize for the beheading of these innocent school girls. They did not just kill some innocent people, but sawed the heads off of children. What kind of religion advocates that kind of behavior? And also tolerates this kind of behavior? I guess that Islam does. The dirty killings were swept under the carpets, without shame, while Muslim provocateurs awaited the next inspired outrage. This completely uncivilized and grisly behavior did not receive the pan-Islamic coverage of outrage that is sweeping the Muslim world over the dozen or so offending cartoons. And remember that silliness over the Koran handling in the terrorist rpison in Cuba? Gadzooks, these people amaze me!

Remember, these fanatics want to kill you and would just love to kill your children, too. They are just looking for excuses to do so. Like we are supposed to understand what is so upsetting to these juvenile Muslim clowns that they have the right to rampage and retaliate everytime some kind of perceived slight happens? Its just so weak. These Muslim people are not the children of God but the children of Satan.

Why would any sensible person respect Islam? I just don't know. They don't repect themselves or other humans so why should anyone respect them? As long as these people behave like animals, then they can expect that we will portray them like they are; Grisly cold blooded killers.

I do not see how we can avoid a major conflict and bloodshed with these people. We have to be prepared for that possibility.

In conclusion, I think that what Thomas Paine said over 200 years ago is just as relevant to us today. We have to fight to maintain our liberty and if it means meeting a hateful intolerant and potentially lethal enemy head-on, then so be it.... "These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country. . . . We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in." Thomas Paine, "The American Crisis," 1776-1777

There is room for honest people to live together peacefully in the world today, but it appears as if Muslims have no desire to live peacefully.


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