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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Iran Continues Towards Building A Nuclear Strike Capability As the Europeans And The UN Dilly-dally Around...

Iran is playing Europe like a fiddle as their actions appear to be strictly designed to buy time. Referring these Iranian madmen to the UN Security Council is going to do what? Refer them in order to slap sanctions on the country? The world buys their oil and what do they need in return? Onions? Or maybe French grown lemons?
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin did not specify what action they expected the IAEA to take at its February 2 meeting.

"There is the issue of whether it goes to the U.N. Security Council -- this is a question that has to be answered," Merkel said. "I think we have to think step by step, and above all send a signal to Iran that shows the international community won't accept it if Iran doesn't respect the commitments that are expected of it and the promises it has made."
The Iraqi sanctions didn't appear to be that successful other than creating a more difficult longer-term solution. The US felt compelled to invade and regime change has been US policy even under the worshipped populist Bill Clinton.

Even the French are getting in on the act and are on the same page as the sensible Condi Rice...
France, with the support of the United States, rejected Iran's request for more negotiations on the Islamic republic's nuclear program, with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice saying Wednesday "there's not much to talk about" after Iran resumed atomic activities
. What the Europeans just can't comprehend is that these people in Iran just don't care if they are referred to the security council since they have other ideas of what they want to do. They want to detonate a nuclear weapon against Israel and they may-as-well take out a European city while they are at it. Some may think that aggressive actions like this would force the world to respond, but respond how? A retaliatory nuclear strike? An invasion by conventional forces? So sensible people figure that the Iranians have little to gain taking it to that level and that they can be convinced to shelve their nuclear bomb ambitions.

The problem is that we aren't dealing with sensible people. These Muslim fanatics want to die. As I wrote about yesterday, their natural reverence for the deceased, even those that have die in war is transforming into a desire to die to "strengthen the religion." So if one thinks that these fanatics will think that they don;t want to have a hideous conflict, then I am afraid that you are sorely mistake. They want a hideous deadly and destructive conflict. Additionally, its not just that they don't care if millions of Muslim people die....
"Martyrdom, for us, is our school, our ideology, our heart and our prayer," says Mullah Hassan Ali Ahangaran, a religious consultant to the Martyrs' Museum in downtown Tehran. "It allows the continuation of Islam. The blood of the martyr revitalizes our religion."
They view death as desirable.

This is the enemy that we face these days. One that wants to trade off the deaths of millions for millions. They want to break our will through incredible hideous horror. And they will do it. That is what they are attempting on a smaller scale in Iraq. They brutally murder even the innocents to show how blood-thirsty they really are. And of course this resonates with the flabby liberal thinkers back home in the US. But by giving into them, they will only raise the stakes. They want to attack and they want to attack again on our soil. There is a billion of them and their birth rates replace the legions of killers even if 10's of millions are killed in global conflagration. The sick math of a conflict of this type is what they want.

We have to take them out before they kill us. Its the duty that we have to our children. And since these sickos want to die, lets just give them what they want.


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