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Thursday, March 09, 2006


As a service to prospective visitors to Angeles and other Philippine locations, I thought I'd present a rather detailed translation guide for "Bargirl-ese," the dialect of mixed Tagalog and English that the Bargirls speak. Hopefully this will help some of you navigate more easily through the often difficult world of the bargirls. The writer [that I stole this from], having spent many weeks examining the bargirls (often orally and rectally), wanted to share the benefit of his studiously acquired knowledge with the rest of the world.

"PHRASE" (TRANSLATION) -------------------------------------------------------

"Hello, Honeyko!" (Hello, Moneybag!)

"Kumasta Ka Na?" (How are you, future boyfriend?)

"You Boboy!" (You're a fat pig!)

"Miss na miss kita!" (I miss your money!)

"Mahal na mahal kita!" (I love your money!)

"I come!" (Would you hurry up and come, I'm tired and I want to watch TV.)

"We go boom boom?" (I'd like to watch TV.)

"Where you staying?" (Where am I staying tonight? Does it have aircon, minibar, and nice pool?)

"Where you from?" (Where will you move me and my family?)

"What your job?" (I have a large family, so you better be able to support them!)

"Will you support me?" (Will you support me, my Filipino boyfriend, our two children, and sixteen relatives?)

"You buy me ladies drink?" (May I have 50 pesos, please?)

"You pay my barfine?" (May I have 500 pesos, please?)

"You barfine my friend?" (May I have 1000 pesos, please?)

"You cute!" (I'm cute, you're an ugly, bald slob)

"You handsome!" (You have some hair left, how nice!)

"You healthy!" (You're fat and your breath smells!)

"You kind man!" (You're a stupid fool who pays me too much!)

"You barfine me tomorrow?" (Are you my gravy train?)

"You butterfly?" (Are you smart?)

"I'm 18" (I'm 16.)

"I'm 21" (I'm 32.)

"I work here four months only" (I've been here for four years.)

"I work at [another bar] before" (I was kicked out of [another bar] for showing up drunk and late every day.)

"I'm bangith" (You're bangith [ugly]).

"We go barhop?" (We need to stop at my friends bars so I can show off.)

"We go dance?" (I want to dance with my friends while you make a fool of yourself.)

"I have one baby" (I've got stretchmarks under my shorts.)

"I have two babies" (My vagina looks like a train tunnel.)

"I have no babies" (I have two babies but no stretch marks.)

"I don't like blowjob" (Quiet, my friends will hear. Of course I'll give you a blowjob.)

"I don't like Filipino men" (I like Filipino boys.)

"I don't like German/American/Italian/etc. men"
(My last boyfriend was German/American/Italian/etc. He dumped me.)

"Up to you [regarding tip]" (As much as you can afford)

"Up to you [regarding what to go do]" (Take me dancing. Now, fat boy!)

"I Cherry Girl." (I haven't been fucked up the ass or in my ears or nose yet.)

"I Cherry Girl (alternate 1)." (My Filipino boyfriend won't let me spend the night with a foreigner...yet. How much money do you have again?)

"I Cherry Girl (alternate 2)". (I haven't screwed for a whole week...and we used a condom.)

"I'm good girl" (I only go with other men for money)

"You're my only boyfriend" (One more and I'll have a dozen)

"You hard on puuusey" (The 2" X 4" strapped to your ass chafed my thighs)

"I have menstruation" (Buy me drinks then get lost elephant man)

"I'm shy to you!" Basically, it's what the girl often says when you say to her "Take off your damned clothes" or "Lemme see those breasts, baby" or "Leave the light on while we do the nasty thing because I want to see my *** go in your ***!" "

Hope you enjoyed it and feel free to add your own experiences and additions to the unique and lovable language of "BARGIRL-ESE


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