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Monday, March 27, 2006

Who Is Carlos Slim...

Sounds like a character in a movie. Imagine a dark skinned Latino wearing large sun-glasses and a bad looking plaid suit. Or how about the guy that hangs out in my buddy's neighborhood dealing drugs? No, amigo! Carlos Slim Helu...
Net Worth: $23.8 bil

Country of citizenship: Mexico
Residence: Mexico City, Mexico
Industry: Communications
Marital Status: widowed , 6 children

Just call him Midas. Latin America's richest man upped his wealth this year by an incredible $10 billion, thanks to a growing and diverse empire that includes holdings in retail, banking and insurance, and auto parts manufacturing. Shares of his flagship wireless telecom outfit, América Movil, soared 76% during the year. And his fixed-line operator, Telefonos de Mexico, or Telmex, is reportedly gearing up to double its customer base this year, primarily in Mexico, by signing up 600,000 broadband Internet subscribers. As one of its largest shareholders, Slim was purportedly contemplating taking MCI private—until Verizon bid to acquire the beaten-down phone company in February. Said to have one of Latin America's largest collections of Rodin sculptures; is also the founder of Foundation of the Historic Center of Mexico City, dedicated to restoring colonial buildings in Mexico City's historic city center.
How about the 3rd richest dude in the world. I'd be happy with 10% of what he's got. But, I never heard of him before. Apparently of Lebanese extraction.


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