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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hillary Clinton Invokes In The Name Of Jesus...

Immigration reform is not really a big deal for me, its just not one of my hot-button issues. But it appears as if elucidating a policy for people that come into the US either illegally or overstay their tourist visas in order to work makes some kind of sense. The stricter House bill [as opposed to the less "sinister" Senate version] has caused some groups to decry it since...
The bill, House Resolution 4437 or the Border Protection, Antiterrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005, is an attempt to strengthen enforcement of the immigration laws and to enhance border security. The bill indicates it's a felony to shield or offer support to illegal immigrants.
As I understand it, this part of the legislation is attempting to deal with the smugglers, more commonly known as "snakeheads," of humans into the United States some that are sold into virtual slavery as prostitutes and the like. However, some religious oriented groups are saying that it will hamstring their efforts to provide support to needy illegals. Maybe they are right but the graver concern, in my humble opinion, is to cut down on the illegal trafficking of human beings.

But Hillary Clinton makes some biblical hay out of this issue by using biblical ideas in her unknown position on this issue. If a Republican said these things, the press would be screaming American Taliban and making all kinds of commentary on the inappropriateness of biblical references on the setting of American policy and elucidating objectives...
Surrounded by a multicultural coalition of New York immigration advocates, Clinton blasted the House bill as "mean-spirited" and said it flew in the face of Republicans' stated support for faith and values.

"It is certainly not in keeping with my understanding of the Scriptures," Clinton said, "because this bill would literally criminalize the Good Samaritan and probably even Jesus himself."
Her contentions are silly on their face and sinister in its deepest thoughts. But my cynical side thinks that you will be hearing a lot more biblical references from her approaching her run for the US Presidency as the Democrat needs to attract centrist, religious oriented voters.

Also, the Democratic party has in its narrow little mind that immigrants vote Democratic, which is patently absurd. Immigrants, particularly illegal ones are not allowed to vote. But they also think that immigrants, upon gaining citizenship are a naturally constituency of theirs, another silly thought.

But lets look at the story of the Good Samaritan. In this biblical story, a man gets robbed and beaten and is laying by the side of the road bleeding and unable to care for himself. In the story a priest and a Levite [a temple teacher] pass him by, people that one may think will or almost are compelled to help this person. But they pass him by. Then a person from Samaria, people that locals don't even like, stop and treat the injured man, take him to an inn and pay for his convalescence.

So how is the illegal immigration issue even remotely related with the story of the Good Samaritan? This is about taking the time out of your busy day to help your neighbors. The victim in the story was not a foreigner and so the good Samaritan would not be criminal in his actions. Is she trying to say that the new employment rules or the entitlements to government benefits being disallowed to illegal immigrants is anything like the story of the Good Samaritan? Or is she just using biblical references in a cooly calculated attempt to make her more salable to the mass electorate? Well, I am not too sure how much her obtuse biblical references will impress those that know anything about the bible. But it could be that she is playing to her base, leftist Democrats who are statistically more agnostic and are getting all fired up that she can play well to the more centrist religious crowd? I say that she won't fool anyone.


At 6:24 AM, Blogger A Christian Prophet said...

The Holy Spirit's message on the Amazing Miracles Everywhere! blog offers a prayer for Hillary Clinton, so she gets it right.

At 11:09 AM, Blogger Paramendra Bhagat said...

Karl Rove, Hands Off Hillary


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