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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Researchers Say That College Spring Break Is An Unhealthy "Binge-fest"....

Apparently, spring break for college students has become such a raucous affair that some researchers are concerned about the effect on our youth by this behavior...
Many spring break promoters spend months marketing trips to college students that tout opportunities for drinking alcohol, he said. For example, one promoter's Web site told students not to worry about the quality of water in Cancun, Mexico, "because you will be drinking beer."
In the AMA survey of 664 women, ages 17 to 35, who are current or former college students:
-More than 90 percent said it was "easy" for underage students to drink on spring break.
-Seventy-four percent said women used drinking as an excuse for "outrageous behavior," such as public nudity, dancing on tables and participating in drinking contests.
-Eighty-three percent said they had friends who drank most nights while on spring break.
-Fifty-nine percent said they knew people during spring break who had been sexually active with more than one partner.
What? Sounds like an excellent time to me. Maybe I should try to make a trip there one of these spring breaks. Why "fix" what's not broken!


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