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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Three Reasons Not To Bomb Iran....

Maybe I should sell those tradesports contracts that are trading at only 7 where there is a payoff in the event of an overt airstrike by either Israel or the US by June. But this article makes some convincing points for thought...
That, as it happens, is one excellent reason not to move forthwith to bomb Iran's nuclear installations. For the long-term consequences of any American military action cannot be disregarded. Iranians are our once and future allies. Except for a narrow segment of extremists, they do not view themselves as enemies of the United States, but rather as the exact opposite: at a time when Americans are unpopular in all other Muslim countries, most Iranians become distinctly more friendly when they learn that a visitor is American. They must not be made to feel that they were attacked by the very country they most admire, where so many of their own relatives and friends have so greatly prospered, and with which they wish to restore the best of relations.

There is a second good reason not to act precipitously. In essence, we should not bomb Iran because the worst of its leaders positively want to be bombed - and are doing their level best to bring that about.

When a once broadly popular regime is reduced to the final extremity of relying on repression alone, when its leadership degenerates all the way down from an iconic Khomeini to a scruffy Ahmadinejad, it can only benefit from being engaged or threatened by the great powers of the world. The clerics' frantic extremism reflects a sense of insecurity that is fully justified, given the bitter hostility with which they are viewed by most of the population at large. In a transparent political maneuver, Ahmadinejad tries to elicit nationalist support at home by provoking hostile reactions abroad, through his calls for the destruction of Israel, his clumsy version of Holocaust denial that is plainly an embarrassment even to other extremists, and, above all, his repeated declarations that Iran is about to repudiate the Non-Proliferation Treaty it ratified in 1970.

There is a third reason, too. The effort to build nuclear weapons started more than three decades ago, yet the regime is still years away from producing a bomb.
I like number 2. Since these guys want a fight, then lets NOT give it to them. They are involved in this hocus-pocus second coming of the Madhi horseshit that requires the Madhi to come to their aid in the event of attack from the great Satan [the US for those of you not in the know]. Additionally, number 3 basically says that they have been a failure so far in making the bomb even after 30 years and the writer, I think, is trying to make the argument that this bugling can be expected to continue. I don't know if its solid policy to think that they will continue to be the F Troup of the nuclear world.


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