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Monday, May 01, 2006

Apes Are Human Too.....

Human rights is a hot topic around the world as it is in Europe. Of course the protection of human rights is a universal feature of Western democracy. So Spain is considering granting human rights to apes.
Great apes share 99 per cent of their genetic material with humans. Champions of their rights say they have an emotional and cultural life, intelligence and moral qualities reminiscent of those of humans. Francisco Garrido, a Green representative who belongs to the Socialist group in parliament, submitted the bill on 25 April. Garrido claims the Spanish Socialists are acting as ambassadors, as defenders and as the voice of the great apes. He hopes that Spain will become the first European country to grant them fundamental human rights.

The Spanish Socialists have been criticized for their initiative, which is the outcome of a purely materialistic view of human nature. Pamplona archbishop Fernando Sebastian called the proposal "ridiculous" Amnesty International representative Delia Padron said she was "surprised" by moves to recognize the "human rights" of apes when many humans still lacked those rights.
I wonder if in Spain, these great apes will be able to run for political office? I sure hope so. Then if we end up like this,

We will be prepared.

This probably is all just another ploy by animal lovers.

Julius: "You know the saying, 'Human see, human do.'"

And of course there is a little trouble translating all of this into French as one of my friends pointed out... In one of the scenes from "The Planet of the Apes," the head ape gets angry when the man asks him if he's a monkey. He yells, "I am not a monkey I am an ape."

So in french, it's "I'm not a "singe", I'm a "singe" since there is no separate word for monkey and ape both use the word singe.

And also, I suppose we could say that apes have more human rights in Spain than humans have in China!


At 11:00 PM, Blogger Catholicgauze said...

We can also ask if apes in Spain have more rights than some humans in Spain. Would killing an ape in its mother's womb be a crime?


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