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Friday, June 30, 2006

I Saw This Headline Today...

Arab Anger Flares at Israeli Incursion
These people make me ill. No one should expect much less from these clowns. In fact, Arab anger flared due to cartoons such as this...

We get all kinds of Arab anger. But no anger when the Arabs go on rampages, slaughtering and maiming innocents, even their own people. No Arab anger when children are beheaded or slaughtered. No Arab anger when a twisted and evil suicide bomber blows himself up on a bus full of innocent children. These idiots are celebrated and therefore, how can a civilized people accept that? There really is no clash of civilizations between the West and the Arab world. That implies that there are two civilizations that are clashing. There isn't. The Arab world is no longer a civilization but a cesspool of lunacy. So it is civilization and a cellpool of lunacy that are clashing.

And what do you expect when the barbarian Palestinians kidnap citizens and soldiers, al Qaida style, for propaganda. Does one really expect that Israel is going to beg Hamas, the kidnappers, for them back? Hamas wants to pick this fight and so I suggest, let them get destroyed. What is a sovereign nation like Israel supposed to do? Israel has decided on a course of action, when there is an aggressive hostile act towards their citizens, they will respond with a costly display of their abilities.

Arabs are going to be angry no matter what one does, since they are a weak and largely worthless people, without the oil that they sit on. The people there do not contribute to science or bettering the world, they moan and complain and then lash out and kill people.

Palestinians are a vanquished people, and their actions prove why they are.


At 3:08 PM, Blogger windarkwingod said...

I agree. This moral double standard has twisted the tight T-shirt beneath my sweater. I'm tired of trying to understand how the Islamic people have the right to saw off heads. I am relieved that the Israeli government is undertaking this rescue operation with uncompromising nobility.


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