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Saturday, July 15, 2006

My Pacifist Friends May Not Like What I Think....

But problems manifesting themselves again in the Middle-east between Israel and the rest of the frothing at the mouth bloodthirsty Muslim Arab killers that surround them will only be solved when one of the two is vanquished and destroyed. Either Israel gets crushed and wiped off the face of the map or the Arab Muslims are humbled and beaten meaningfully and then begin to rebuild their non-productive societies into something that is not meaningless mystical mumbo jumbo that is bent on beheadings, honor-killings and whining about their problems being caused or the fault of someone else. But if Israel gets beaten, then the bloodthirsty Muslims will only attack others, probably Europe, and the Europeans won;t be able to run away from that.

I do not like this new style of war, surgical strikes and limited engagements that allow the most despicable enemies to survive and continue to terrorize and kill. One never wins these engagements with terrorists. In order to win, one must completely annihilate an enemy and then when they collapse, one comes in and offers to assist in rebuilding. Modern warfare has become like picking at scabs, they never heal and always bleed.

I hope Israel causes severe pain so that people there realize that they cannot win by being terrorists. And I hope that Europe one day stops being the pansies that they are and show a little backbone. If they don't, then the terrorists will target them next.


At 9:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That,s why the conservitive press here in the U.S. refer to them as eurowenies. The Israelies have their work cut out for them though. I loved your toilet cleaning post.


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