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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

American Guitars, The Most Popular Brands In Japan....

American manufacturing has been giving way to Asian competitors for several decades now, but the classic American made guitar is more popular than ever, particularly in Japan...
Nobuaki Suzuki, an editor at Guitar Magazine, a major Japanese publication, says more Gibson and Fender electric guitars sell here in numbers — not just in revenue — than Japan-made guitars.

"The Americans dominate in numbers," he said. "Then come the domestic-made guitars."

Although Gibson is making marketing pushes elsewhere where demand is expected to grow, such as China, Japan is still Gibson's biggest market outside the United States and twice as large as its biggest European market, Great Britain, although the Nashville-based producer of electric and acoustic guitars isn't disclosing numbers.
Some things just can't be massed produced I guess.

Now if we could only put wheels on the guitars and sell them as cars, we could finally bolster and turn around the American automobile industry.


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