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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Everything Is Not Bushes Fault Or Because Of Iraq...

An interesting piece here on the brutal stabbing murder of an Italian peace activist in Jerusalem that is believed to be racially motivated [read an Arab killing what he thought was an Israeli, Jew or Westerner] that distills the whole Muslim/Middle-East conflict into a few words.

The writer takes issue with the idea that one can diplomatically solve the conflicts there and that the skirmishes will continue into the foreseeable future. One of the quotes that caught my eye is this one...
But Bush's "military adventurism" bears the great benefit of changing an externalized conflict into the internal civil war it has to be - because only Muslims can square their medieval religion with the demands of modernity. We cannot.
[I added the bold] The writers also argue that Iran is a patient adversary, 'a bunch of carpet weavers and chess players.' Also, I know that they have been at this game for thousands of years, warring with the Greeks 2,500 years ago and occupying Israel and Palestine for ages.


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