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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

At Least 78% Of Muslims In The US Are Not The Homocidal Frothing At The Mouth Kind....

78% of American Muslims polled believe that suicide bombings of civilian targets are unjustified to "defend Islam."
Overall, 78 percent of Muslim Americans said suicide bombings of civilian targets to defend Islam cannot be justified; 13 percent say they can be, in some circumstances. The view is strongest among those younger than 30, but for all Muslim Americans, such support is far lower than among Muslims in many other nations, including in several Western European countries.
Anyone that thinks that suicide bombings is even remotely justified against civilians should have their head examined. I just think that this is all kind of silly. What religion needs to be defended by violence anyway? Is suicide bombing justified against non-civilian targets? In the US? How about elsewhere like Israel? Wouldn't someone be offended that anyone would find it necessary to defend their religion by using barbaric violent methods to 'defend' it?

In any case, it appears as if over-all, American Muslims are better assimilated than their counterparts in Europe and better off than they may have been economically or socially in their home countries...
By comparison, Muslims in France, Spain and Britain were almost twice as likely to say suicide bombing is sometimes or often justified, and public acceptance of the tactic is even higher in some countries with large Muslim populations, such as Nigeria, Jordan and Egypt.
These people should be asked specifically under what circumstances is homicide justified, or is it just to make a statement about your dopey religion. Any religion that has to revert to killing cannot and should not be respected or tolerated. Full stop.

Its also interesting to note that...
A majority say their lives have become more difficult since Sept. 11, 2001, and most think the government has singled out Muslims for monitoring. About one in four said they do not think that "groups of Arabs" were responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Its amazing to me that they do not think that Arabs were responsible for 9/11. Maybe Jews or the Moussad? And another crazy thing...
Though socially conservative, Muslims lean toward the Democratic Party, six to one.
I too would be a Democrat if I was a frothing at the mouth fanatic. They would be More likely to defend my right to be a madman and blame themselves for causing the problem. It too would be a democrat is I had half my brain removed, the part that maintains reason.

Pew Research poll results here.


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As a commited Constitutionlist, what is your position on Ron Paul.


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