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Friday, May 04, 2007

For All You Hong Kong People That Treat Your Maids Like Shit....

It never ceases to amaze me how typical Hong Kongers treat their maids. These people, paid a few thousand HK$ a month or around US$500, are caring for what I argue is a families most precious asset, their children. The value of child care and household help is much more valuable than people realize, particularly for the people here that get a huge benefit for such a low cost.

For Mother's day, Salary.com has calculate the work value of Mom and this is what they have to say...
If the typical stay-at-home mother in the United States were paid for her work as a housekeeper, cook and psychologist among other roles, she would earn $138,095 a year, according to research released Wednesday.
I would go even further, since a country's GDP is calculated by summing all the tangible monetary values within an economy, the US GDP would not be the $13 trillion that it is now, but under calculates the value by around 50%. The way that I get this number, is that there are about 100 million households in the US. Of these, less than half have children at home and the production of children is a good that is not counted in GDP, only the spending on them. So a mother, that is giving value of $138,000 a year and assuming that there are around 45 million families with children, then GDP is under counted by about $6 trillion.


At 1:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


— An American fugitive accused of raping his daughter and posting videos of the abuse on the Internet was working in China as a computer adviser and used his own passport when he was arrested at the Hong Kong border, police said Friday.

Kenneth John Freeman, who was captured Tuesday after more than a year on the run, showed no emotion at his first hearing in a Hong Kong courthouse wearing handcuffs, a blue polo shirt and dark green pants.

He had been living in Seattle when he fled the United States last year, months after his 17-year-old daughter told her mother he had assaulted her four years earlier. Video files depicting the alleged abuse also were discovered on a computer Freeman had given to his daughter for her use.

The girl appeared on the TV show "America's Most Wanted" to talk about the case. Tips to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children after the show aired helped the center identify the girl as the victim in a series of child pornography videos, according to the Marshals Service. Video of the abuse is among the most widely downloaded child pornography videos in recent years, officials said.

At 7:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering that the molester got caught entering HK from the PRC, I'd say that HK is safe...

It's the PRC that I'd be more concerned about!


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