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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Buy The Phony Soldier Condemnation On EBAY...

The silliness that comes from Democrats is mystifying. 41 Democrat Senators signed a letter condemning Rush Limbaugh, a US private citizen, for his on-air comments regarding soldiers quoted and peddled by the US leftist media that were in actuality not what they claim to be. There are several examples where shoddy reporting quoted soldiers that were in-fact not present or not involved in the conflicts or situations that they were used as sources for. These soldiers could have been easily vetted by the media so that these situations where these so-called witness/soldiers could have been checked out and verified. But the media, never one to miss a chance to bash President Bush, the Iraq war or Republicans in general, choose to publish these questionable stories instead of vetting their reliability. The fake-but-true stories and opinions peddled by the media as real news is what buried Dan Rather.

So the main story here is that Rush Limbaugh, when describing one of these soldiers as, rightly, a 'phony soldier' came under attack by the left-leading organization called Media Matters, that typically pours over comments made principally by Republicans and conservatives and is not beyond taking these comments completely out-of-context. In a pique of silliness, Democrats in the Senate took this falsehood and wrote a condemnation letter to Rush that was signed by 41 of the more deranged senators, a great use of their time. Maybe its good that they spend time to do things like this so that they don't do any other damage.

You can now buy this document on EBAY. The price is up over $60,000 (US) at the time of this writing. All proceeds will go to a charity to support the college educations of children whose fathers were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. And maybe one can purchase this and place next to their copy of the constitution.


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