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Milton J. Madison - An American Refugee Now Living in China, Where Liberty is Ascending

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All Democrats Are Victims....

The Democrats, the party of victimization, has just gone through the perfect storm of victimization during their primary. It was inevitable that if Obama won, that Clinton supporters would claim sexism as the driving force behind her failure. If Clinton had prevailed, then Obama supporters would have claimed racism as the reason why Obama was unable to collect a majority of support.

However, it appears as if in the Democrats world of fine gradations of racism and sexism that sexism against a woman isn't as bad as racism against a nearly Black man. I know that racism against a white person is completely acceptable and codified in law through affirmative action programs where a person's skin color trumps ability for selection in certain circumstances. And I know what racism is from when I lived in Africa. White people were always charged more and constantly harassed on the streets by people begging for money and selling things. Similar to what happens to white people when walking through Tsim Tsa Tsui where one cannot walk for 5 minutes without being approached by a dozen touts selling substandard tailored clothes and crappy copy watches. Oh well, its just one of the small annoyances and a cost of living in this wonderful town of Hong Kong.

And now that we have entered this new world of competitive victimization. Who is the bigger victim? Similar slights to two different victim classes has a different value. How do these democrats keep track of this? Is there a victimization standards board where different slights are graded and then applied to different victim classes to figure out the value of these slights? I wonder if the Democrats think that there should be a cabinet level post, 'Secretary of Victimization.' More on competitive victimization here.


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