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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The morality argument of providing access to healthcare to all.....

“Morality” is always the justification. Inaugurating Britain’s National Health Service on July 5th 1948, the Health Minister Nye Bevan crowed: “We now have the moral leadership of the world.” That’s how Obamacare is being sold: Even The New York Times (buried deep down in paragraph 38) reports that 77 per cent of Americans are content with their own health care. But they feel bad about all those poor uninsured waifs earning 75 grand a year. So it will make us all feel better if the government “does something”.
So, in the US to fulfill the need to be 'moral' on the wicked healthcare system that we now have, we have to completely uproot millions of people that already have perfectly suitable healthcare and enroll them in a 'new' improved but better and more efficient system and drastically change what they have. What will drastically change for these people is that many will pay much more, some will get a lot less and most will suffer over the long-term as the last bastion of innovation and increased efficiency is squeezed into a sclerotic Euro like box.

Thought of the day from here....
What’s so moral about relieving the citizen of responsibility for his own health care? If free citizens of the wealthiest societies in human history are not prepared to make provision for their own health, what other core responsibilities of functioning adulthood are they likely to forego? Oh, Smith and Jones can still be entrusted to make their own choices about which movie to rent from Netflix, or which breakfast cereal to eat. For the moment. But you’d be surprised how quickly the “right” to health care elides into the government’s right to tell you how to live in order to access that health care. A government-directed medical system can be used to justify almost any restraint on freedom: After all, if the state undertakes to cure you, it surely has an interest in preventing you needing treatment in the first place – or declining to treat you if your persist in your deviancy: Smokers in Manchester, England have been refused treatment for heart disease, and the obese in Suffolk have been told they’re ineligible for hip and knee replacements. With a staff of 1.4 million, England’s National Health Service is supposedly the third biggest employer on the planet after the Chinese People’s Army (2.3 million) and Indian National Railways (1.5 million). And those couple of million Chinese and Indians are mere drops in oceans each over a billion strong, not a significant chunk of the adult population of a tiny strip of land in the North Atlantic. But they still have to ration treatment.
Save money for a rainy day? Not! So no need to save or plan ahead for retirement, healthcare or anything, one just has to make those critical adult decisions in your life on what to have for breakfast or what movie to see. The state will take care of all of your other needs as long as you behave correctly... according to what someone decides is appropriate behavior.

But of course, if you misbehave and it results in pregnancy, you will NOT lose your access to an abortion. That is defining morality in a whole new way!!!


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