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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thought of the Day....

I am bound to say I feel queasy even writing this, because I do sincerely feel it is wrong for the poor not to have good medical care. But maybe this is the province of the states or of charity. Maybe it is something that can be worked out without the federal government dictating terms to the affluent. Maybe as important as health care is, individual freedom and private property are indispensable, too. The whole subject is almost terrifying.
From here.

The critical point in the above passage is this....
But maybe this is the province of the states or of charity.
Bingo. Zing. The problem that this writer has, is that despite his belief that healthcare is a basic human right, he also understands that the 'human right' can morph into a whole host of other 'human rights.' And increasing claims on resources will inevitably raise the need to seize more of people's property.

So the question becomes, where do these rights end? Where does the necessity end and the comfort enter the picture in what can be a huge obligation. Isn't a car necessary for most people and therefore it too be a 'right' to own one? Since when does everyone have a right to every thing that is necessary or maybe just makes their life a little more comfortable too? And personally for me, its especially egregious that many people are trying to sell this concept by pushing the burden onto a handful of people as defined as the 'rich' and implying that most people will pay NOTHING. The opiate of Obamacare is a symptom of a sickening disease that has infected the US, its lurch towards a sclerotic Euro state and the ultimate risk that we will not achieve under the dead hand of the state is a risk that is not worth taking.


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