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Friday, October 08, 2010

YouTube - Michele Bachmann Slams Pelosi "unfortunately the Speaker Has No Idea on How to Run Economy"

I love hearing the nonsense that comes from leftists (Marxists)in Washington. Pelosi, says that foodstamps are great stimulus for the economy. Its sad that Washington has to look to the great society social safety net as somehow helping the economy. Democrats are worse than worthless when it comes to managing the nation's economic life......

No one can manage an economy. Those that think that they can redistribute funds more efficiently or effectively than the free market is hallucinating. Furthermore, government spends tax dollars on on mish-mash of programs and we never think or consider what the individuals would have done with the money that was either taxed or borrowed from them.

i do not think that this all will end very well. The US has gone too far down the slippery slope of socialism and with the recent push for the past 4 years from Pelosi and Reid and the last 2 from the feckless Obamessiah, i think that it will be very difficult to regain footing without a cathartic cleanup or cleanout.

YouTube - Michele Bachmann Slams Pelosi "unfortunately the Speaker Has No Idea on How to Run Economy"


At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's time to go back to tar and feathers.
Mind bogglingly stupid.


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