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Milton J. Madison - An American Refugee Now Living in China, Where Liberty is Ascending

Federalism, Free Markets and the Liberty To Let One's Mind Wander. I Am Very Worried About the Fate of Liberty in the USA, Where Government is Taking people's Lives ____________________________________________________________________________________________ "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Tolerance in the face of tyranny is no virtue." -Barry Goldwater-

Monday, September 19, 2011

Lets look at some historical facts on Israel.....

Remember, that the whole of the Middle East was part of the Ottoman empire for 500 years in which time there was no Palestine. After WWI, the region was partitioned into countries but the Arabs attacked Israel intent on destroying it. The so called 1967 borders are nothing of the sort since this was the armistice lines from the Arab invasion of Israel in 1948. The West Bank was then occupied by Jordan and it is disputed territory not undeniably Palestinian.

I honestly find it amazing how hostile Europeans and the American political hard left are towards Israel. It is truly a beacon of light in what is a brutal and unproductive Arab world. Europeans have proven over-and-over that they have become nihilists where they have gone beyond human morality into a hyper self-centered and God denying squishy semi-democracy, semi-socialist state. I wish them luck and when they are prepared to reenter the ranks of humans, we should welcome them back.


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