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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Liz Cheney: Cairo, Benghazi and Obama Foreign Policy - WSJ.com

The foreign policy disaster that the current President has foisted upon the American people though his naive and juvenile world view as only Liz Cheney can say it.

Maybe American's chickens are coming home to roost but it is the Obamessiah's chickens. Feckless and afraid, this president has apologized, groveled and appeased Middle-east thugs with the hope that they will see the brightness of his messianic light. But unfortunately it has not ended that way.

We have an inexperienced and arguable one of the least capable people ever running the nation. It reminds me of my university days where we used to all sit around discussing world problems and our big government solutions to them. Little did we know that 30 years later, we would get these naive and juvenile world views shoved down our throats by this man that has never really grown up.

Liz Cheney: Cairo, Benghazi and Obama Foreign Policy - WSJ.com


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