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Friday, February 07, 2014

Charles Krauthammer: The health-care myths we live by - The Washington Post

The government's flat-earth prescription to solve short comings in American healthcare will only lead us to a world where Liebnitz philosophy will be the reality going forward and that is 'since this is the only possible worlds, its the best possible world.'

So, looking at some the flat-earth science in the government's central planning approach to healthcare we find that the assumptions made are not what we are finding out is actually happening. But of course, the brilliant folks in Washington would never let on that this is the case, but we can sum it all up as such...
This is not to say that medical practice should stand still. It is to say that we should be a bit more circumspect about having central planners and their assumptions revolutionize by fiat the delicate ecosystem of American health care.
American will pay with their property and lives for what will end up being a churlish denial of what people have worked for and earned at the hands of government bureaucrats.

Charles Krauthammer: The health-care myths we live by - The Washington Post


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