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Monday, December 12, 2005

That's not An Ugly Car, THIS Is An Ugly Car.......

Flagrant Harbor had a post claiming that the Rodius SUV by Korea's very own SSangyong Motors or Porche's Cayenne is the ugliest car. [I just didn't understand which one he was actually saying was uglier or the ugliest since I think that I am getting him confused with some Marmot comments]. But, from my experience, the Fiat Multipla is the ugliest car I have ever seen. Even the name is odd. The Multipla... Better named Multibla or Multiblahhhhhhh. The original Multipla 600, manufactured between 1956 and 1965, looks like a cross between a VW Beetle and one of those old strange looking Renault cars that rattle like hell at all speeds. Wikipedia has this to say about the new one...
Based on the Brava, Fiat's offering in this size of car was quite unlike any other on the market. It has six seats, three on two benches. The exterior and interior design of the Multipla is unique and has a polarizing effect-some people love it, many hate it. Nonetheless, the Multipla was displayed at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York during its "Different Roads - Automobiles for the Next Century" exhibition in 1999.
Wow, The Museum of Modern Art displayed the Multibhah? You know that they charge something like US$20 to get into the ?Moma these days and you could probably rent one of this things for not too much more than that.

To me, the Multiblah looks like a box was plopped onto the body of some non-descript European piece of hoo-ha sedan [actually the Brava] creating this multi-level monstrosity, and even more of a monstosity when the thing starts to rust.

I had the opportunity to rent one for a couple of weeks in France when I went to the Loire Valley and to Brittany. It didn't drive to bad, though, but was somewhat underpowered.


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