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Saturday, October 14, 2006

How To Prepare Filipino Food...

Start with copious amounts of cooking oil. Add an enormous amount of salt to the oil, start to heat both to frying temperature. Add a mountain of sugar to the heating oil. Take the stuff you want to cook stick it in the hot oil and let it over cook so that everything is greasy soggy.

Take the sweet and salty greasy concoction and serve on a plate with white rice. Watch your guests eat the concoction and rest assured that none of them will live past the age of 55 due to health, particularly heart problems.

In the airport last night, there was a bunch of young fellows eating deep-fried pig skin. They offered me some so I had a small taste. It was salty and oily. How good for ones health is salty deep fried pig fat?

The Philippines has good fruit, though. So I had that every day for breakfast.


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