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Friday, November 09, 2012

Demography may be destiny, but we have some say about our demography | Power Line

I do think that Republicans should stick to what they stand for and NOT move towards socialist democratic Euro style ideals. so heartily embraced by modern Democrats.

One of the things that they are talking about in this soul searching is to accept immigration reform and allowing illegal immigants to become citizens or in translation; getting 11 million more Democrats. So, breaking the law is ok. Those, such as Chinese folks that are waiting in line, should continue to wait in line while we allow these Democrats to jump in line ahead. Politics out trumps justice... for Democrats?

But his gnashing of teeth is completely unnecessary. I think that I just voted in the last election that I will vote in. I have no interest or desire to be involved or even care about this country full of socialist crazies anymore.

The writers identify this interesting tidbit in the piece...
But where, in shorter term, will Republicans find votes in a changing America if they don’t broaden their appeal to Hispanics? Looking at data from the just-completed election, Sean Trende finds that a big chunk of the white vote stayed home this year, as compared to 2008. If so, that’s a potential source of extra Republican voters.

Moreover, it may be possible for Republicans to reduce slightly the Republican deficit in the Hispanic vote without supporting legislation that meaningfully will increase the number of illegal aliens who can become citizens. Finally, it seems likely that the Democrats, beholden as they are to African-American and Hispanic voters, will increasingly alienate White voters who, after all, will remain the big majority of the electorate for a good while.

White folks are losing interest in voting, you know why? Because they are smart enough to know that Washington politics isn't about national security, working, building a long term foundation, its not about families and educating our kids as to what is right and wrong. Its about indoctrination into Euro style socialism, abortion on demand, free contraceptives for frothing at the mouth feminists, handing out food stamps to overweight stupid people, about how do we suck up to alternative lifestyles such as forcing gay marriage onto the churches.

What would have been much better in this election is that I wished that the Democrats had taken back the House of Representatives, and therefore create another opportunity to jam through all of this nonsense. I say, let the pyromaniacs burn down the house. White is back? Up is down. Fine with me if that is what they want to do. They think all of this is better so let them do all of it. Every little last bit of it.  Satan loves these people, they are doing his bidding.  Let them do it and then let them stand in the cesspool of shit that they have created.

Demography may be destiny, but we have some say about our demography | Power Line


At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The entitlment tide has swept through America, drowning the very soul of American Exceptionalism.
When that stolen and fake money runs out, that tide will drown an entire generation in povery, destitution and misery.


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