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Thursday, November 08, 2012

The meaning of yesterday’s defeat — a follow-up to John’s post | Power Line

The worst part about last night is that America elected a president who, in my opinion, doesn’t care about dealing seriously with these harsh economic realities. He cares about creating a transformative legacy — one that consists essentially of more government and free stuff for certain groups, along European lines. Obama didn’t get himself elected to preside over cuts that would be inconsistent with such a legacy (i.e., cuts to things other than our defense). He’ll leave that to his successors.
Why I disagree with this is that I just do not think that the Obamessiah is this smart. He is just a lucky deity. The nation is still hoping that this deity will provide for a lucky time like we had during Bill Clinton's without any of the hard work necessary to do it. It just is not meant to be since the Obamessiah is a lazy man when it comes to actually doing anything other than to allow government to engorge itself on the American landscape.

We kind of need a nation that faces its problems instead of thinking that taxing a small sliver or people a little more will solve it problems. Its really a juvenile approach to a complex problem. And its an opiate. We had the opportunity to hire a smart, nice and hard working guy that would have seriously tackled this problem. Personally, I think that the nation is past the point where he would have successfully achieved anything lasting but at least it would have been dealt with in an adult manner....
By contrast, Mitt Romney’s legacy likely would have been a serious attempt to deal with the harsh economic realities that are about to smack us in the face. Unlike Obama, he regarded such an attempt as the good fight, and more than reason enough to become president. But Romney won’t have that opportunity. Considering the difficulties it would have entailed, he shouldn’t curse his luck too much.
We are in for world of hurt and our economic well being is going to decline precipitously over the coming several years. Additionally, Al Qaeda made an announcement today, the day after the election. They know what has happened, it is not lost on them on how the nature of the nation has changed, an attack has been put into place and they are delighted that the lazy Obamessiah and electorate that is unwilling to be serious is still their adversary.

The meaning of yesterday’s defeat — a follow-up to John’s post | Power Line


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