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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Is Rather still drawing a paycheck???

yes, more than most of us would ever dream of making....for what???? To keep himself quiet? What kind of justice is that? The guy is worthless to most of us as a news journalist......so why keep paying him? Just a force of habit or trying to protect others that should get canned? Or typical business bullshit of protesting your own sorry worthless ass??

notice the key word here......for all that are paying attention........worthless.

When an accusation digs so deep...

one has to approach it head on.....either you give in or you hold out for the calvary to save you from certain annilation...or pray for some savior....here it is..

The Rathergate forged documents scandal was not just an aberration as part of a long and otherwise distinguished career. It was simply the capstone of a long series of incredibly biased and dishonest incidents. This one was deliberately timed and intended by Mr. Rather and his co-conspirators, upstream and down, to change the outcome of a crucial presidential election. Mr. Rather and CBS News ignored — nay, brazenly flouted, and then tried to cover up their breach of — practically every fundamental written principle of journalistic ethics. Was he alone is this conspiracy? Of course not. Does that in any way excuse him? Of course it does not.

Just another fucking bag of useless old bones. Afterlife with Clinton you piece of shit.Useless piece of rotting shit. Nah neh naeh nah nah.