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Monday, May 28, 2007


How to irritate and annoy someone on a plane. Democrats are irritating all the time just being themselves.

Vikings And Spam...

American Democrats....

The answer to the troubles in Iraq for American Democrats...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Reason Why I Cannot Trust Nor Believe The Liberal Press These days...

This article that gets plastered on my Yahoo news page this Memorial Day weekend, starts like this....
U.S. deaths near grim Memorial Day mark

By STEVEN R. HURST, Associated Press Writer
2 hours, 54 minutes ago

BAGHDAD - Americans have opened nearly 1,000 new graves to bury U.S. troops killed in Iraq since Memorial Day a year ago. The figure is telling — and expected to rise in coming months.

In the period from Memorial Day 2006 through Saturday, 980 soldiers and Marines died in Iraq, compared to 807 deaths in the previous year...
Very sad, obviously the death toll is higher this year in troubled Iraq.

However, Iraq is not the only conflict that is putting American soldiers in their graves this past year. At least 94 American soldiers have paid the ultimate price in the conflict in Afghanistan this past year. This is down form 105 the previous year, but the previous year figures included the 19 soldiers killed last June in a crash of helicopter searching for several soldiers killing its 19 occupants. So, let us not forget our soldiers battling the twisted Taliban and Al Queda madmen in that theater.

But why did the AP and writer Steven Hurst completely ignore these soldiers deaths, that clearly deserved to be included in the article? Because it has nothing to do with reporting news or giving respect to the fallen or their families, but to use these unfortunate deaths in a political hit piece that pushes AP's political leftist agenda. Who are they, another Soros funded political group? Not much different.

The AP is not honest nor should be respected or trusted reporting the news. Shame on the AP and the writer Hurst.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

At Least 78% Of Muslims In The US Are Not The Homocidal Frothing At The Mouth Kind....

78% of American Muslims polled believe that suicide bombings of civilian targets are unjustified to "defend Islam."
Overall, 78 percent of Muslim Americans said suicide bombings of civilian targets to defend Islam cannot be justified; 13 percent say they can be, in some circumstances. The view is strongest among those younger than 30, but for all Muslim Americans, such support is far lower than among Muslims in many other nations, including in several Western European countries.
Anyone that thinks that suicide bombings is even remotely justified against civilians should have their head examined. I just think that this is all kind of silly. What religion needs to be defended by violence anyway? Is suicide bombing justified against non-civilian targets? In the US? How about elsewhere like Israel? Wouldn't someone be offended that anyone would find it necessary to defend their religion by using barbaric violent methods to 'defend' it?

In any case, it appears as if over-all, American Muslims are better assimilated than their counterparts in Europe and better off than they may have been economically or socially in their home countries...
By comparison, Muslims in France, Spain and Britain were almost twice as likely to say suicide bombing is sometimes or often justified, and public acceptance of the tactic is even higher in some countries with large Muslim populations, such as Nigeria, Jordan and Egypt.
These people should be asked specifically under what circumstances is homicide justified, or is it just to make a statement about your dopey religion. Any religion that has to revert to killing cannot and should not be respected or tolerated. Full stop.

Its also interesting to note that...
A majority say their lives have become more difficult since Sept. 11, 2001, and most think the government has singled out Muslims for monitoring. About one in four said they do not think that "groups of Arabs" were responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Its amazing to me that they do not think that Arabs were responsible for 9/11. Maybe Jews or the Moussad? And another crazy thing...
Though socially conservative, Muslims lean toward the Democratic Party, six to one.
I too would be a Democrat if I was a frothing at the mouth fanatic. They would be More likely to defend my right to be a madman and blame themselves for causing the problem. It too would be a democrat is I had half my brain removed, the part that maintains reason.

Pew Research poll results here.

Friday, May 18, 2007

No Surprise Here...

I woke up this morning and read that Paul Wolfowitz is resigning from the presidency of the World Bank. This reminds me of John Bolton being forced out as the US Ambassador to the UN. Actually, I couldn't care less since I think that these two institutions have proven over decades to completely worthless, toothless and unnecessary institutions. These two gentlemen cared enough to try recraft these places into something that was not rife with corruption and self interest, but these places have no intention and desire to change the goose that is laying the golden egg at the expense of everyone else.

I use to work at a multilateral development bank, in fact, it was the African Development Bank when it was in the Ivory Coast in West Africa, so I know quite a bit about how these institutions work and how effective they are. So why did Paul Wolfowitz and John Bolton get booted under pressure? Because these institutions are worse than worthless and the people who are invested in the way that business is done do not want agents of change to run these places.

First, the World Bank and the UN are not interested in helping the poor or protecting the defenseless [look at Darfur and what happened in Rwanda] they exist as covers for large European governments to pretend that they are doing something. In reality, these institutions support the businesses of these same European countries to maintain the status quo. European businesses [maybe excepting some British ones] cannot compete technologically or economically without some kind of government support or political cover that these institutions provide.

Second, as I wrote before, appointments to these institutions are largely plush, well paid, exciting adventures for the children of these same Westerners so that they can travel the world and see interesting new cultures. Its just an indulgence to send our children to Africa or some remote Asian village to help. Some Oxford University or University of Michigan graduate is going to these places to 'help' these people.... with what? Farming? Digging wells? Building local institutions? come on, these children know nothing about what these people need or even want. No its an education for these little tots so that when they come home, they can thank their lucky stars that they were born in the West.

So, Wolfowitz will leave his job at the World Bank. Good. The place did not deserve this fellow. Now, he will take a well paid position in private industry or at a University and he will become a productive member of society again.

I am a firm believer that if the World Bank, the UN or any other multilateral development institution suddenly disappears from the face of the earth, that it will not hurt anybody or anything. It would probably be a huge positive if these places disappeared since these institutions allowed illegitimate political and economic power to exist while providing almost no tangible benefits except for a select few. It would be good riddance.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Euro Debt...

And for all the American socialists that want tax and spending policies harmonized with socialist Europe, have a look at these statistics. Despite much higher taxes and greater off-balance sheet promises governments there still operate with these kind of statistics....
In the euro-zone, the average government deficit shrunk from 2.8% of GDP in 2004 to 2.4% last year. Meanwhile, government debt, measured against GDP, increased from 69.8% in 2004 to 70.8% in 2005. In the whole Union, the respective figures were 2.6% and 2.3% for government deficit and 62.4% and 63.4% for government debt.
getting back to Social Security, the US has a present value shortfall between collections and disbursements of around $34 trillion. Therefore, in order to pay for such largess, taxes for these types of expenditures will have to rise dramatically, potentially hurting the economy and younger people asked to pay. I suggest, although I cannot find such data, that Europe faces a similar if not worse situation.

Europe's economy and population is similar to that of the the US. Additionally, the population there is aging more rapidly than the US and will face similar pressures as people there reach retirement age. There will be fewer taxpayers to pay taxes to support their retired parents. Also, benefits in Europe have been growing faster than GDP and these pension systems are largely pay-go as is the US Social Security system.

I think that i will get into the dog and cat food business since I think that many many retired people will be forced to live on a lot less than our parents do today.

That Awful US Government Deficit Is No More...

For all of you that decry the US national debt, for fiscal 2007 that started October 1 2006, the deficit fell to around $80 billion well below last year's 7 month tally of a deficit of $184 billion. Receipts have grown 11% and spending only 3% leading to the shrinking deficit. For the year, the deficit may come in at or below 1% of GDP for the US $13 trillion+ economy, about 30% of the total global economy.

Despite these rosier numbers, though, there are looming problems. For the entire history of the Social Security program, revenues have been collected as payroll taxes and used to fund the much lower payments to current retirees. The difference is unified with the general budget and has been generally spent on current programs.

National debt is rapidly approaching $9 trillion. However, of this, $5 trillion is debt owed by the federal government to itself largely to Social Security, largely a book entry of money owed to ourselves. The $4 trillion balance is owed by the public, less than 30% of GDP of this, around half, $2 trillion, is owned by other governments.

Ultimate Social Security liabilities will prove to multiple 10's of trillions and there will not be tax revenue available to pay the promised benefits in the next several decades.

However, this is not unique to the US. Aging populations in Europe, Japan and US where funds have not been set aside to fund promised benefits are the norm.

More on all of this at a later time.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hamas, Islamic Extremists And Their Children Television Programming...

Not exactly Emmy Award material. But here a children's daytime television program preaching killing, death and war to children and using a Mickey Mouse rip-off as the animal emcee. Palestinians and Muslims are just so pitiful and it would be sad or even funny if it wasn't so deadly serious.

Proper And Attractive Presentation Is Important For Sushi Lovers....


This is a lovely way to enjoy a nice meal of Sushi. The rest here.

Friday, May 04, 2007

For All You Hong Kong People That Treat Your Maids Like Shit....

It never ceases to amaze me how typical Hong Kongers treat their maids. These people, paid a few thousand HK$ a month or around US$500, are caring for what I argue is a families most precious asset, their children. The value of child care and household help is much more valuable than people realize, particularly for the people here that get a huge benefit for such a low cost.

For Mother's day, Salary.com has calculate the work value of Mom and this is what they have to say...
If the typical stay-at-home mother in the United States were paid for her work as a housekeeper, cook and psychologist among other roles, she would earn $138,095 a year, according to research released Wednesday.
I would go even further, since a country's GDP is calculated by summing all the tangible monetary values within an economy, the US GDP would not be the $13 trillion that it is now, but under calculates the value by around 50%. The way that I get this number, is that there are about 100 million households in the US. Of these, less than half have children at home and the production of children is a good that is not counted in GDP, only the spending on them. So a mother, that is giving value of $138,000 a year and assuming that there are around 45 million families with children, then GDP is under counted by about $6 trillion.

Glued To An Exercise Bicycle...

Hahah. Thieves in Jo-burgh South Africa, super-glued a robbery victim to an exercise bike while they ransacked his home....
"The victim was then forced to strip, after which he was superglued to the seat of an exercise bicycle, his hands were superglued, as were his feet and then his mouth was superglued shut," SAPA quoted Mark Stokoe, a spokesman for emergency services Netcare 911, as saying.
When I lived in the Ivory Coast in West Africa, and the political/social framework was collapsing there through utter and complete stupidity, we were considering to what other locations that the organization could relocate to in sub-Saharan black Africa. The problem with South Africa, was that robbers generally shot their victims first, killing them without warning before robbing them. This was something that most employees were unwilling to endure. This guy was probably lucky.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Muslims Want To Kill And Destroy.....

These are the kinds of clowns that the world has to deal with. The acting speaker of Palestian Legislature said this during a sermon....
Sheik Ahmad Bahr, acting Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, declared during a Friday sermon at a Sudan mosque that America and Israel will be annihilated and called upon Allah to kill Jews and Americans "to the very Last One." Following are excerpts from the sermon that took place last month, courtesy of MEMRI.

Ahmad Bahr began: "'You will be victorious' on the face of this planet. You are the masters of the world on the face of this planet. Yes, [the Koran says that] 'you will be victorious,' but only 'if you are believers.' Allah willing, 'you will be victorious,' while America and Israel will be annihilated. I guarantee you that the power of belief and faith is greater than the power of America and Israel. They are cowards who are eager for life, while we are eager for death for the sake of Allah. That is why America's nose was rubbed in the mud in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Somalia, and everywhere."
This is the kind of crap that Muslims preach in a house of worship.

Hate, kill, destroy, what kind of religion is this? No wonder 50% of Americans do not trust Muslims [I read this but can no longer find it?? Why?]. I surely don't trust them. Do you want Muslims flying on plane with you? Particularly a Muslim man?

But atheists are distrusted more, ranking just below Muslims.

Quote Of The Day....

"If my blog does not meet your standards, then LOWER YOUR STANDARDS. Who the hell do you think you are, anyway?"

Rob Smith


Little balls of shit rolling around on a the deck of a rolling ship. Worth exactly what they are.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Billary, Two For The Price Of One....