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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Now Walter Cronkite has joined the league of idiots....

A whole new twist on conspiracy theories, here.
Former CBSNEWS anchorman Walter Cronkite believes Bush adviser Karl Rove is possibly behind the new Bin Laden tape.

I am sure that Michael Moore would agree.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Belmont Club on bin Laden.....

Read it all here.
It is important to notice what he has stopped saying in this speech. He has stopped talking about the restoration of the Global Caliphate. There is no more mention of the return of Andalusia. There is no more anticipation that Islam will sweep the world. He is no longer boasting that Americans run at the slightest wounds; that they are more cowardly than the Russians. He is not talking about future operations to swathe the world in fire but dwelling on past glories. He is basically saying if you leave us alone we will leave you alone. Though it is couched in his customary orbicular phraseology he is basically asking for time out.

In order to win a war, the costs have to be raised to a point where there appears to be no other way out. Those costs are being raised on bin Laden. Can you say uncle?

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Some thoughts by pundits on Kerry.....

This are the thoughts on JFKerry for those that HAVE endorsed him....
“I know few people enthused about John Kerry. His record is undistinguished, and where it stands out, mainly regrettable. He intuitively believes that if a problem exists, it is the government’s job to fix it. He has far too much faith in international institutions, like the corrupt and feckless United Nations, in the tasks of global management. He got the Cold War wrong. He got the first Gulf War wrong. His campaign’s constant and excruciating repositioning on the war against Saddam have been disconcerting, to say the least. I completely understand those who look at this man’s record and deduce that he is simply unfit to fight a war for our survival. They have an important point–about what we know historically of his character and his judgment when this country has faced dire enemies. His scars from the Vietnam War lasted too long and have gone too deep to believe that he has clearly overcome the syndrome that fears American power rather than understands how to wield it for good."–Andrew Sullivan, endorsing John Kerry, The New Republic, Oct. 26

“I can’t remember ever voting for anybody I disliked as much as I do John Kerry, at least not for president, but vote for him I will. I didn’t have much use for Al Gore either, but I don’t remember any real sense of hostility before punching the hole next to his name. . . . I can’t persuade anybody to vote for a candidate for whom I can muster so little enthusiasm, but there must be an awful lot of people out there who are going to cast votes next week for Kerry who are, like me, discouraged by the prospect and needing one of those you-are-not-alone talks."–Mark Brown, endorsing John Kerry, Chicago Sun-Times, Oct. 27

“I remain totally unimpressed by John Kerry. Outside of his opposition to the death penalty, I’ve never seen him demonstrate any real political courage. His baby steps in the direction of reform liberalism during the 1990s were all followed by hasty retreats. His Senate vote against the 1991 Gulf War demonstrates an instinctive aversion to the use of American force, even when it’s clearly justified. Kerry’s major policy proposals in this campaign range from implausible to ill-conceived. He has no real idea what to do differently in Iraq. His health-care plan costs too much to be practical and conflicts with his commitment to reducing the deficit. At a personal level, he strikes me as the kind of windbag that can only emerge when a naturally pompous and self-regarding person marinates for two decades inside the U.S. Senate. If elected, Kerry would probably be a mediocre, unloved president on the order of Jimmy Carter."–Jacob Weisberg, endorsing John Kerry, Slate, Oct. 26
Absolutley amazing. Mindless boobs.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Kern County California Sheriff's Department

We'll kick your ass and take your doughnuts too!

Monday, October 25, 2004

One post from camel toe....I am absolutely dying here.....

Rally Round the Toe
Toe Factor: 6
Forget about what God hates or doesn't hate, seeing the woman in the foreground of this photo seriously calls into question the larger issues of (a) whether a divine being exists and (b) if one does exist is it/he/she benevolent. And even if God hates America, he doesn't hate it as much as this protester apparently hates abdominal crunches, tasteful clothes, restraint or self-respect at the dinner table and any of the books authored by the late Dr. Atkins. Take care of yourself before purporting to know what is best for anyone else, okay? Figure out how to not carpet bomb your internal organs with Doritos and hostess products and then we'll engage in a discussion of which Middle Eastern countries ought to be bombed and in what order. This picture appears to have been taken right outside the UN headquarters on the East Side of NYC. I think that deep down God sees the UN for the sham that it is...and is probably deeply offended that Truman pushed to include the French on the security council despite France, even then, being 200 years beyond relevance.
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You must go to and read the camel toe site. Its painfully funny in a very twisted sort of way...of course.

This is absolutely brilliant....

I didn't know what a camel toe was till I read this. The writing is classic, I couldn't breathe when I was reading this and my chest hurts now. I think that my heart may explode.

You can hate me, hate my politics but read this.

And Chrenkoff's good news from iraq should be read regularly....

Read today's here.

Kerry on Iraq..."I would've done almost everything differently."

Bob Woodward's article in the Washington Post.....
On Sept. 1, Kerry began his intense criticism of Bush's decisions in the Iraq war, saying "I would've done almost everything differently." A few days later, I provided the Kerry campaign with a list of 22 possible questions based entirely on Bush's actions leading up to the war and how Kerry might have responded in the same situations. The senator and his campaign have since decided not to do the interview, though his advisers say Kerry would have strong and compelling answers.

So here you have it. JFKerry would have done everything different but will not say what that is! GWBush had to make decisions and JFKerry didn't. He claims that he would have done everything different but won't divulge what that is. So I guess that the world just has to trust that not only would he have done things differently but they would have been more successful. Right. Maybe Michael Moore can answer this question on his behalf.

You can read the 22 questions that Bush answered that Kerry wouldn't or couldn't.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Larry Kudlow talks about his faith...

Interesting post from Larry Kudlow on his new blog, co-host of Kudlow and Cramer on CNBC. Read how his faith saved him and strengthens him here today.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Sen. Zell Miller on the invasion of Iwo Jima if it were to take place today...

Read it all here....A funny excerpt.

"We now turn to our politicalanalyst,James Crankville."
(James):"Cutie,the overnight poll numbers have hit this
president right between the eyes. Nationwide, an overwhelming 98 percent said that if possible, they would like to see this country fight a war without a single American casualty. That is nearly the same percentage we saw three days ago when the American public said they would be in favor of going to war if we could win without firing a shot. So, you can see there is a trend developing here that spells trouble for this administration." "That this president is going ahead with this war is just unbelievable.

The witty New York Times columnist, Myscream Loud, wrote in her inimitable fashion that 'The president's policy is as crippled as his legs.' (giggle) Last week she said he had reached the point where no one will 'Fala' him. F-A-L-A, his dog, get it (more giggles)? Has that woman got a way with words! Go girl."

Its becoming more-and-more difficult to take the MSM seriously, especially the New York Times. Actually, The New York Times has been difficult to take seriously for a long, long time. Go the blogosphere!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Faith the wonder dog.....

With the election only 3 weeks away and much of the globe in turmoil, we can't miss the other important news like Faith the wonder dog.

An interesting idea from down under.....

Tim Blair suggested a few weeks back to the Guardian newspaper that was whining about their inability to vote in the US election.......
Here's a way Freedland and his fellow meddlers can still have their say in the USA: each could simply identify and adopt a random individual living in one of the battleground states and target that person with emails, letters, and telephone calls begging them to vote against Bush. I'm sure average Americans will be pleased to receive whiny 3am calls from people called "Jonathan", and will alter their vote accordingly.

And of course, they are doing just that. Read it here....

So this is how it works, the foreigner that wants to influence the election in the United States sends an unsolicited email to a resident of.....drumroll please...Clark County Ohio, described as...
One of the most marginal areas in one of the most marginal states: at the last election, just 324 votes separated Democrats from Republicans.

So these 'fureigners' quest to influence the election is quite imaginative to say the least. Presumably, if a Clark County voter changes his/her vote, then this will mystically ripple through Ohio and the nation and influence the outcome of our national election.

And as Arthur Chrenkoff points out....
So now, in addition to usual emails from "STEVE KABILA, THE SON OF THE LATE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF KONGO PRESIDENT LAURENT DESIRE KABILA" offering a share in $25,000,000, and offers on amazing penis extension pills, the poor people of Clark County, Ohio, will be receiving whining emails from British lefties
encouraging them to vote for John Kerry. Where will it stop?

I suggest to the Guardian and other drippy leftists that they call in the help of Harry Potter. He and the other wizards from Hogwarts could do plenty to help them in their pursuit of electoral perfection.

Friday, October 08, 2004

The Captain's Quarters has a post on the violence against Republicans

The protesters should be out there campaigning for their candidate. That is how its supposed to work.
Hong said the protest "reflects the frustration the Kerry people are feeling. If they could sell John Kerry, they'd be out doorknocking and phonebanking, not disrupting the proceedings of a rival campaign office."
The frustration may also be that Kerry is a unimpressive candidate and fanstastically difficult to understand even for the most brilliant of us. So faith in him requires faith in the religion of leftists and Democrats that this is the right thing to do.

The Captain's Quarters has a post detailing recent attacks and links to other sites on attacks.

And according to Mitch Berg [lifted directly from the Captain's Quarters post]:
And to so much of the left, politics is religion - the core of the person's intellectual and moral being. To a person for whom the political is the personal, it's a short jump to seeing politics as the adjunct, or even replacement for, the spiritual.

The basic premise by Mr. Berg is that the left has internalized politics like people internalize religion. It has become a religion for them and therefore the boundaries of right and wrong are becoming blurred. But I think that this argument is taking a little too much for granted, that religious core beliefs thusly enable an individual to suspend right and wrong to support or fight for these beliefs. I do not think that this is a reasonable argument not withstanding the argument that wars have been fought in a religious context in the past [mostly distant past].

But, in my humble opinion, its not just spiritual, its intellectual. The liberal left also thinks that they have an IQ advantage as evidenced by Bush AND Reagan being demonized as morons or as not intellectually curios [Thanks to the Democratic Underground and the LA Times, we keep this grand canard alive]. This then allows these individuals to think that they know better for others what is good for a person. They have both the internal 'religious' belief that they are right but are also supported by intellectual superiority. This has evolved into I know better than you what is good for you and if you don't agree with me, either you are stupid, have an ulterior motive or are evil. Of course, you also get the inevitable conspiracy theories if things don't go the left way [we will leave that for another post]. So when supporters of GWB show their preferences, these 'intellectuals' just cannot fathom or figure out why someone could possibly have a differing opinion.

So, if they want to attack, the I say bring them on! They are mostly girlie men anyway.

Your neighbor hates you because you are a Republican

Read the Stanley Kurtz piece in the NRO on the climate of fear here in the USA.

I am an immovable Bush supporter, despite what I would consider an imperfect record on his part. I think that we can expect from him to do the things that he says and to stick with them. The Iraq war will wind down and his ownership society will start getting wound up. I have had four years to reach my conclusions so I see no need to change this. And JFKerry, in my humble opinion, does not offer anything to sway me away.

My Dad suggested to me that I take my support and campaign for GWB if I feel so strongly for him. I told him that I would never do that in my hometown of New York City since I think that it would be physically dangerous. My Dad couldn't believe that I thought this since his political leanings are non-violence liberal. He believes that people on the left are of the same mindset as him. But unfortunately, this is wrong. The left in the United States has always been more threatening than the right to people like me.

Blogger Robert Musil suggests [scroll down] that a climate of fear has descended upon Republicans in at least some parts of the country. Based in Los Angeles, Musil says most Republicans he's spoken with are afraid to put Bush-Cheney bumper stickers on their cars, or signs on their lawns, for fear of physical retaliation from angry liberals. The problem is not symmetrical, says Musil. Stickers and signs for Kerry are widespread in Republican neighborhoods. Yet even in their own communities, Republicans are holding back.

So getting your property defaced and getting your car keyed is the American way? How about the Bush/Cheney campaign office getting trashed in Orlando Florida or and office being shot at in Tennessee? We are hearkening back to the days of the weather underground or whoever those clowns were in the 1960's. Next bombings, killings and kidnappings?

I was living in West Africa during the election of 2000. The Africans where I worked were chiding me 'see, elections in your country aren't perfect either.' I agreed that this one isn't perfect but that we will have a peaceful solution to our election problems. I claimed that our elections won't be determined by brandishing AK-47's. But it appears as if I am wrong.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

The future of US healthcare....

I have always been of the opinion that healthcare worldwide has major problems to overcome.

Doctors in Germany are aging with an average age of around 55 and can retire with full pension benefits at prior to the age of 65. They may actually see a decline in the number of doctors over the next decade creating a severe shortage of supply. New doctors find that costs are too high relative to socialist prices that they are allowed to charge. Their costs live in the capitalist world but their revenues live in the socialist world. So why become a doctor when other professions in the computer field and financial areas offer better wages.

In the US, the problem is very different. High costs of malpractice insurance are driving doctors out of the business as this article indicates.

Maryland's largest association of doctors said yesterday that as many as 40 percent of the state's physicians will close or leave the state if lawmakers do not soon address rising costs brought on by increasing medical malpractice premiums. The dire prediction, the key finding of a statewide survey of doctors, was announced yesterday, the same day that surgeons at Prince George's Hospital Center -- frustrated about the rising premiums -- announced a plan to stop performing non-emergency surgeries starting Nov. 15.
"These lawsuits are killing us. A real parasite wouldn't kill the host, but lawyers are killing the host," said Dr. Willie Blair, president of
medical staff at the Cheverly-based hospital.

It will be interesting to see how this all works out since trial lawyers
donate such large amounts to political parties across the country.

Things here in Hong Kong are not much better. A strong public healthcare
system cannot withstand shifts in customer preferences. Woman, for example,
have increased the demand for pap smears due the death from cervical
cancer of a popular singer. The waiting list is now around 18 months to
have this procedure performed.